SMB/CIFS access denied for any user, except one

    • OMV 4.x
    • SMB/CIFS access denied for any user, except one

      Hello everyone !

      I am facing a weird issue.
      I try to create a new shared folder for a new user on my OMV.

      Until now, I have created one user for my personal data.
      I have created a new user for an application, and a new shared folder associated. I put the exact same properties to this user, and set the exact same properties for the new shared folder, and associated with the new user.
      But I cannot access to the new shared folder, neither from the Linux GUI, nor when I mount it manually (mount -t cifs … --> mount error(13): Permission denied)

      BUT, when I add my personal user to this new folder and I use it for connecting, it works.
      All my tests work perfectly with my personal user, but nothing works with any other user.
      Any folder can be mounted with my personal user, nothing can be mounted be with other users.

      What I have missed ?

      Many thanks.
    • Did you set the privileges for the new user? Is the user part of the 'users' group?
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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