Restoring Backup of OMV on Proxmox. Storage issues

    • Restoring Backup of OMV on Proxmox. Storage issues

      Hello, I'm looking for help in a backup restore of OpenMediaVault in proxmox.

      So, today I have 4 VMs in proxmox, one of them (VMid 101) is OMV, where I use
      it as my storage for sharing content with my personal computer and other
      VMS. My hardware is compose by 3 HDs and 1 SSD where the proxmox installation
      is located.
      All of my data is located at the HD1(4TB), the HD2(2TB) has no important data
      yet, but it was already mounted in OMV, the 3rd HD3(1TB) is my VM backup HD and
      it is managed by proxmox, OMV has no knowledge of it.
      The HD1 and HD2 is configured in proxmox as LVM, each one with their VG, as:
      1 - storage-local-4TB
      2 - storage2TB

      The allocation of these HDs for OMV was made as the following:
      1 - Selecting the VM101
      2 - Clicking Add > Hard Disk
      3 - Bus/Device SCSI > Selecting the size of the disk

      And this way in proxmox a file was generated in each VG called "vm-101-disk-0"
      in raw format and container type, with the allocated size mentioned in the
      previous step.

      Ok, now comes the problem. I was doing some tests with a full restore in my
      server where I made a new clean installation in a fourth HD that I have here.
      The goal was to test the integrity of the backups that was made in the HD3 with
      vzdump. After the installation of proxmox in a new HD I simply added the HD3
      which have the backups as directory type in proxmox. Done that I begun the full
      restore of the VMs on the new HD, OK until here everything was normal.

      Ah, let me mention how the backups was being made. In proxmox backup options I
      didn't selected the backup option for the two HDs on the OMV VM, because as far
      as I know the backup tool (vzdump) would make the backup of the content of the
      others HDs and not only the primary one and it's configuration.

      OK back to the restore. After the restore was done, all of the VMS was restored
      successfully, although, the OMV VM was restored but is not finding the other two
      HDs and mounting on it's path. In the restore the configuration of both HDs was
      found and it was added as devices not connected. So I clicked in edit, and in
      the storage section it auto-complete from the file "vm-101-disk-0" that is
      found in both HDs in proxmox, after this I clicked in OK and activated the two
      HDs on the VM. Apparently here everything was correct, but it wasn't. Connecting
      through the OMV terminal I can see that both HDs are connected, but not

      I don't know what to do!! This problem is very bad, because all of my data is
      on the HD1 and I can't mount it on another computer to try to access the data.
      I believe I added both HDs the wrong way, because in proxmox they are LVM and
      in OMV they are normal partitions. When I try to mount them in another computer
      there's no success because what show as their LV path is

      Please I really need to recover this data!! Help!!!
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