NFS issue with fsid?

    • OMV 5.x (beta)
    • Resolved

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    • NFS issue with fsid?


      I have setup omv 5.0.5 on a proxmox 6.0.5 and I can mount and work with 1 of 3 shares.

      Mounting a 2nd or 3rd share results in
      mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting (null)

      mounting the /export results in 3 directories but the content is all from the 1st share...

      Upon examination of the log file on the server I found a log entry stating "using the same filehandle ... using first"

      the /etc/export file looks like this:
      # NFSv4 - pseudo filesystem root

      Note the fsid=1 being the same for all 3 entries...

      I am not a NFS specialist but should that not read 1,2 & 3...?

      Suggested temporary fix?


    • Absolutely no support through PM!

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