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      I just perform the system updates and bad surprise: nginx is broken.
      Here, how it happened:

      I did not know nginx-full, nginx-light, nginx-extras packages exist.
      Now, i would like to know what I should do to solve it because I can't restart nginx with systemctl.
      I look for a bit here but it is weird, it seems I am alone with that issue. ?(
      I am on Arakkis version upgraded from Erasmus.

    • Oh my bad ! Never change port from nginx (websites) addon before perform updates. Otherwise aptitude get an error failed (98: Address already in use) and the updates configuration was obstruct.
      To solve that, I executed

      Source Code

      1. # fuser -k 445/tcp
      2. # aptitude install -f
      3. # systemctl start nginx.service
      and it works back again. :)

      Edit: So now, how to turn this thread solved?