Can't connect to FTP

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Can't connect to FTP

      I have searched and tested most of the solutions available here and elsewhere on the net.
      Instead of saying what's wrong I would like to know how to connect to my FTP from the internet.
      I already have a FTP server running on port 21 so I want another port.
      I have forwarded the port 1100 to my FTP on its local address
      I have set up masqerad adress as a dyn dns adress I have at home.

      I can access the FTP flawlessly using standard port and with SSH as well from within my home network.

      I get ECONNREFUSED most of the times.

      I have tried so many alternatives without success. Basically is there anyone out there managed to access their FTP server from internet using Filezilla Client? How did you set everything up?
    • The difficulty with FTP, especially if NAT is involved on both ends of the connection, is that the the data ports can be mishandled, breaking the setup.

      There is no problem with the control connection, typically on port 21, it's the data connections that are difficult.

      I suggest forgetting about FTP. Use SFTP instead. The SSH server needed is already installed in OMV and you can use the SFTP plugin to setup chroots. And only a single port is needed.

      Filezilla will handle SFTP fine.
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