RSnapshot config after update OMV3->OMV4

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    • RSnapshot config after update OMV3->OMV4


      so the update from OMV3->OMV4 went OK. Everything working, MariaDB, Docker, ...

      I removed all plugins before upgrade.
      After upgrade:
      I reinstalled OMV Extras, rsnapshot, docker, ...

      While Docker runs after reinstalling it, RSNapshot ist empty.
      I guess i have to reconfigure it, but is it normal to loose the RSNAP and CRON definition during upgrade?
      I have several backups so i can get the config. But i cant seem to find the correct file(s) and i dont know if its a wise decision to copy such files over?

      Or just chew it and recreate every cron and Rsnap job?

      thanks Chris
    • ChrisW wrote:

      I removed all plugins before upgrade.
      That was not needed. It would have been enough to remove those plugins which are not available for OMV4.

      If you would have kept rsnapshot-plugin it would have been migrated to OMV4 including the modification.

      So, one option would be to restore OMV3. Remove only plugins not supported in OMV4 and upgrade.
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    • Hi,

      OK, i will know for the next time though.
      For now i will jump through the loop and recreate the RSNAPShot Tasks.

      Why i removed everything from OMV was because I had a problem restarting OMV4
      (I found out it was because one of my harddrives was not recognized for it had several PID IDs, i had to reformat it. So the Plugins werent the problem.)

      Anyways, thanks and keep up the great work.