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    • Dyfcom wrote:

      So, I saw this build here in this forum and I slept over it and my conclusion is, I want to do it like this. With a NanoPi M4 and SATA-hat.
      But, I have some question, it is smart to use a SD-card for the OS, because there is an option to use a eMMC Module and frauhottelmann is using a SSD instead.

      What is smarter a 2GB or 4GB board? I would use OMV, in Docker: Home Assistant with all my Plugins, Plex, Nextcloud and what the future is bringing ;)

      There is a NanoPi M4v2, this one got 4GB LPDDR4 Ram and coast 5$ less than a v1 4GB, when it comes to a 4GB board, is this the right choice?

      Thanks for the idea and the help ;)

      Hi Dyfcom,

      for a NAS the 4GB NanoPi M4 is not mandatory. I own myself the 4GB version and even under heavy load the NanoPi is quite bored. I can not exactly tell you how much it is in average but I checked once while saving a huge amount of files and the CPU was around 20%...

      The SATA hat in my case is different. Even if there is a heatsink on the controller IC it get´s really hot which propably is influenced by the onboard voltage regulator...
      I didn´t dive deep into this by now. So you need an active cooling or a much bigger heatsink for it.

      All in all my nanopi is doing a great job and is really on the lower barrier of consumption. 6.9W constant consumption while the drives are spun down is in my opinion a value which is hard to brake in this category of SBC´s and the connections the NanoPi is providing.

      Regarding the SSD EMMC question. I use at my setup only a SD card. Maybe I will upgrade one day to the EMMC but for now it´s doing a great job. If you choosing the SD setup be sure to take a fast one and quality card...
    • Don’t use an EMMC module unless you want to remove the sata hat every time you remove or install it. This will be a huge pain when you go to backup your system. A1 micro SD card works just fine.
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      Testing OMV 5.2.1-1 beta on an Acer Aspire T180, HP dx2400, and Nanopi M4.