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      Hi there,

      I'm currently balancing between two options : building a new NAS with premium components (performances & budget), or by a commercial product (simplicit & plugins).
      Is there a table comparing existing plugins available in OpenMediaVault vs Synology vs QNAP ? (for the biggest competitors)
      For what I've seen so far those plugins are available in both Synology and OMV : DAAP (iTunes music server) AFP shared folders, SMB, MySQL server, OpenVPN, Docker, NGNIX, Plex, DLNA, usb backup, Domoticz, Raid management, ZFS support
      Are there other equivalents to commercial products in OMV plugins ? According to your needs which plugins are deadly missing ?
      Could the lacks be part of the roadmap for OMV 5.x or even 6.x ?
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    • It seems you are a member of this forum since three years. You should know best, what you are missing ;)

      Since you can run docker on OMV / Debian, I don't see anything missing.

      Some user miss a file explorer that is available out of the box.
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    • Ok so I bought a 4-bays from QNAP several month ago to give it a try.
      The product was rather good for network perfs, functionnalites, ease of use, etc. BUT the transcoding capabilities were badly missing.

      It was a mandatory point for me, so I sent back the product and built a dedicated machine by myself.
      As off now I am pretty satisfied with my homemade NAS.
      OMV 4.1.27 | Intel Celeron J3455 | 8Go RAM | USB2 32Go | RAID 2x4TO