Home Network Fast Enough For 4K Streaming

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    • Home Network Fast Enough For 4K Streaming

      I will be putting together my NAS once I return home from my current deployment soon (military).

      The machine will be comprised of the following:
      HP z220 SFF w/ i5-3470 3.2GHz
      8GB ram
      WD RED 6TB HDD (plan on adding a second in the near future)

      I will have it connected via Gigabit Ethernet port to my home network.
      I plan on primarily using it for home media, with the intentions of running a plex server and delivering 4K video files to players throughout the house (nvidia shield).
      My current wireless router is very old, and there are several dead spots throughout my home. I will be needing to replace this.

      My question is this....

      How fast does my home network need to be in order to deliver such huge files (50-60 GB files) via WiFi?

      Is AC2200 going to be fast enough? (ex. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi AC2200)

      Or will I need something faster such as AC3000? (ex. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi (RBK50))

      Thanks in advance for the replies!
    • You will simply have to do the math.

      What bitrate does the source media have? How many streams do you need to support simultaneously? How much total bandwidth will the wifi mesh have? What else may be happening on the network at the same time? What are the bottlenecks?

      However, given 50-60 GB movies I doubt you want to use wifi. But, as said, do the math. And add at least 25% headroom. Preferably 50-100%.
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