Transmission slow download on more computers

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    • Transmission slow download on more computers


      I have a Gb network connection, but unfortanely I cannot use it with openmediavault.
      I tried with rock64, RPI4 4GB and a laptop with i3, but usually I can download with 16MB/s, sometimes it goes up to 25MB/s, but no more.
      If I connect the same cable to a win10 laptop or desktop, I almost reach the gigabit connection (with the same torrent).
      I have a RT-N56UB1 router with padavan, a rock64 on emmc ayufan OMV, original power supply and a WD Elements 1TB external drive with Y cable.
      I tried iperf and hdparm, everything looks OK.

      Do you have any idea, where I made a mistake during configuration, or what else can be the problem?

      Thank you in advance,

    • I can think of three possible problems.

      You have the HDD connected using USB.
      You (maybe?) use a windows native filesystem instead of a Linux native filesystem.
      You use a low power computer to run the download software, with a lot of random writes and error checks.

      I suspect it is a combination effect involving all three that pull down the performance.
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    • Thank you for your answer.

      I use HDD connected to USB, but with Y cable, so I use two USB on the computer to power it.
      I even tried with an external SSD, but I got the same speed.
      With the laptop on Win10, I can reach the gigabit, but on OMV not, that is why I do not understand what can be the problem.
      If I would change to an independently powered HDD it would be better?

      I use ext4, I tried different solutions to format and it works the same.

      I use original power supplies, so I do not think that would be a problem. If you mean, that the hardware is weak, I also see, that the cpu and memory never goes to maximum usage, and with the laptop I have no problem on Win10.

      Thank you for your support in advance.
    • Perhaps the download client is the problem? Try some other client?

      Torrent downloads at full GbE speeds I assume need some serious hardware. We are talking about a lot of random writes and a lot of CRC error checking together with high network I/O. And possibly the USB interface you are using is not the fastest in combination with OMV. Make sure it is a UASP interface and that you are using a USB >= 3 certified cable.

      I'm afraid I can't help more than this.
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    • There are a lot of torrent clients. However not all may be directly supported/installed/used from OMV.

      But I'm afraid I don't know enough about this to make any good suggestions. If you find one that works better than transmision, please post about it here. Others might help?

      I have seen some mentioned here on this forum. With web interface and stuff.
      OMV 4: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4