Inwin server case build

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Inwin server case build

      Inwin case
      ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board + 315 W PSU
      8GB Kingston DDR4
      Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400
      Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive
      4x4TB WD Red NAS drives RAID 5

      Room in the case for 2 more 2.5 HDs or 1 + 1 x 5.25 slim optical drive with add on PCI SATA card which I have on order.

      Working well and liking OMV and just about every problem I have had has been solved by looking in the forum - thanks to those behind the OS.

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    • I'm just using the case fan you see in the pic and the stock CPU cooler. A couple of things I learned is with the mobo I have you need an NVME M.2 or else you lose one of the SATA ports - luckily found this out in time. The case has LEDs on the front for LAN 1 + 2, HD fail etc but with a non-server mobo there is nowhere to connect then up to. And I had to get a tiny speaker to hear the restart beeps etc. Pretty pleased with it so far.