Rsync log in GUI missing activities

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Rsync log in GUI missing activities

      i have serveral daily rsync jobs running on omv4, which seem to run fine. They backup from my main server data disks to attached usb-backup drives at the same server.

      now i checked the logs after i was away a couple of days and i found differences in the exported rsync-logfile and the logfile, when i look at it in the GUI.

      It seems like in the GUI, a lot of items are missing and the log just stops 2 days ago. Though, when i exported the log and reviewed them with notepad++ all seems to be done fine.

      I attach the two screenshots.

      btw: on the very last page of the omv-screenshot was just one more entry. therefore i took the 2nd last one, to show also the buttom-line with the 100.000 entries. Could this be the issue? is there a limit to 100.000 entries?

      any help would be highly appreciated


      • rsync-log in notepad++.JPG

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      • rsync-log in omv.JPG

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    • Yes, there is a limitation to 100.000 lines.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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