Odroid HC2 - move OS to USB stick

    • OMV 4.x

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    • I suspect you need to hack it yourself. As far as I know there is no method published. Most likely because there is very little purpose in doing this. Get a high quality SD card instead and make sure not to install anything that do a lot of writes to the SD card. For instance make sure to create a special share on the HDD for the docker base path.

      However it is possible to move the root filesystem to the HDD. In fact it is even easy. If you use a HC2 or HC1 with a SATA SSD that might be nice for some applications.

      You just need to partition the HDD before you install and then use the command line utility nand-sata-install. Works fine! But you still need to boot from the SD card, as you know.
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    • I have same thing on my raspberry and it works OK.
      I wont to save my SD card from many writ/read thing but I do not wont that HDD is on and spin all time.
      To avoid this I wont only boot from SD card, run os from USB stick and HDD is only for data save.
      Transfer from USB stick to hdd is fully automated with scripts...and with that my HDD is not on full time and I have quiet NAS.
    • The USB stick is equally vulnerable to writes. It is also flash memory. And if you want to boot from the SD card again, because the USB stick is worn out, you still have to swap SD cards because you need a different /boot setup. So then you would need 2 SD cards and one USB stick.

      So you might just as well have two cloned SD cards and save the USB stick for something else. For extra good performance (fast install and backup) make sure to use A1 or A2 type SD cards!

      It might be a different story if instead of a USB stick you wanted to boot from a SSD connected to the USB port. But then the speed of USB 2 might be a let-down. The USB port on HC2 only supports USB 2.
      OMV 4: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4