Rsnapshot manually rotation

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Rsnapshot manually rotation

      Maybe some stupied question.
      I´ve configured rsnapshot for 8d / 3w / 1m / 0y

      After the Backup of the new macos my Backup-HD is nearly full and I want to delete some older Backups so I set rsnapshot to
      3d / 0w / 0m / 0y on the gui.

      Then I start the Rsnapshot-Backup manual over the Start-Button in the Gui, but the older Backups were not deleted!
      How can I manage it to manually delete the older Backups to free space?

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    • Login remotely using ssh and:

      rm /path/to/folder/to/delete -rf

      Or what do you mean?

      Please note that deleting a snapshot may not free up a lot of storage, unless there are "unique" files in the snapshot you delete. This is because the files are hardlinked. And only one copy of each file exists and it will only be deleted when all hardlinks have been deleted.
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