Good combination for omv?

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    • Good combination for omv?

      Hi everyone,

      I recently bought this hardware:
      • 1x FRACTAL DESIGN Node 304
      • 4x SEAGATE IronWolf NAS HDD, 4.0TB,
      • 2x G.SKILL Value, 8.0GB, Non-ECC
      • 1x ASROCK H370M-ITX/ac, Intel H370
      • 1x INTEL Pentium Gold G5400 "Coffee Lake", 2x 3.7GHz, Socket 1151
      • 1x TRANSCEND PCIe SSD 110S M.2, 128GB
      • 1x BE QUIET! System Power B9, 450 Watt
      ?( Is this a good combination for omv? 8)

      Thanks a lot

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    • Just curious, any particular reason you're getting a pcie ssd, rather than using a sata port(looks like the board has 6).

      Not a huge fan of the pcie ssd's. I'd rather get an adapter cable and a good flash drive, and run omv off one of the usb headers on the motherboard.

      Other than that though (and that is strictly preference).... I think it looks pretty good.
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