Backup OMV and install again in VM?

    • Backup OMV and install again in VM?


      i have OMV running on my PC rly well.
      My Idea is to backup the whole System on a USB Drive, then i delete OMV and install Ubuntu (need a unix with real gui to work @ remote Desktop on it).

      Then i want to install Virtualbox where i want to install my OMV Backup - still Using the exist Raid HDD´s.

      is this possible? And how (step by step please) would it work?
    • meynti wrote:

      true! But i want to use programms that dont work on a VM.

      Other Question, when i delete OMV and install Ubuntu, the RAID HDD´s will still work?
      That sounds questionable to me. What programs that you run on installed Ubuntu will not run in a Ubuntu running in a VM?

      I have no answer for your question about your existing RAID disks.
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