Apple bonjour is not working properly with OMV5 (its bug?)

    • OMV 5.x (beta)

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    • Apple bonjour is not working properly with OMV5 (its bug?)

      Apple bonjour is not working properly with OMV5 (its bug?)

      After loading mac os bonjour, the service normally detects the SMB disk and allows it to be viewed normally, but after the MAC enters sleep mode and after wakes up, the SMB disk no longer opens, but i can still access the disk forcibly through the smb://raspberrypi command

      Why is that? ?(

      I want to note in OVM4 Apple bonjour didn't work at all

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    • I think that Apple has changed something on MacOs Catalina. On Mojave I have not this kind of problems, but on Catalina I'm having some issues like this with OMV.
      I'm running OMV4 and using AFP, but each time I reboot my OMV machine I also have to logout and login my user on MacOs to have access again to the OMV machine by AFP. On OMV4 I can't use SMB on Catalina.

      And when you want to migrate lot of data to new drives... this is really painful.
    • Maybe we need to change the model in the Zeroconf announcement. You can manually tweak it via environment variables. See…ahi/services/files/smb.j2 how it is named and check the forum how to use custom environment vars for the config. You need to find resources what models are accepted in the announcement.

      To deploy the modified config run omv-salt deploy run avahi
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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