J5005 build

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    • Hi all,

      Got tired of my old TS-431 Qnap, mostly because of all bloatware that you can't uninstall, and also because of poor hardware; arm cpu, 512MB ram etc.
      So I decided to make my own build for OMV and gathered these parts:

      • Asrock J5005-ITX
      • 8 GB Crucial CT2K4G4SFS824A
      • Supermicro PWS-203-1H 200W
      • ST-Lab PCIe 2xSata (AsMedia 1060 Chipset)
      • Fractal Design Core500
      This far I've moved over 4x 4TB Toshiba drives and setup a RAID5 array (~6 hours to complete).
      Seems to be working great, I really like the fast and simple OMV Gui :thumbsup: finally no bloatware!
      OMV installed on a 120 GB SSD.

      Have not had the time to test all functions yet, but have seen writes at ~70-80 MB/s and reads at 110 MB/s over SMB.
      FD-case is not optimal for a NAS, but nothing else was available in the store, might exchange this for something better.

      Went for the J5005 as TDP is specified at max 10W with an impressive FLOPS/W, seems perfect for a NAS.
      With 4 HDD, 1 SDD and 2 ram sticks, I'm hoping to be below 50W most of the time. Will measure this when everything is properly installed.

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