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      What is the better solution when i need more databases for different Docker?
      fire up one mariadb Docker and make more databases or
      make for every database one mariadb Docker on different ports?
      omv 4.x | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 4.x | kernel 4.16
      used plugins: nginx | mysql | docker-gui |rsnapshot | antivirus | apt tool | letsEncrypt |
      used other: netxtcloud | logitechmediaserver | Jellyfin | Lychee
    • If it is important for you to optimize something, then you will have to test different options.

      Try separate databases and see if that gives better whatever. Try fewer and see if that gives better whatever.

      Replace whatever with what you are trying to optimize. That depends on what you think is most important.

      Processor usage.
      Response time.
      Power consumption.
      Low memory usage.
      Disk cache usage.
      Disk usage.
      Backups size.
      Backup granularity.
      Time needed to restore backup.
      Down time for backups.
      Data loss when restoring backups.
      Load balancing.
      Lower complexity.
      Ease of maintenance.
      Ease of updating.
      Fewer errors.
      Licensing costs.
      Distributed loads.
      Centralized loads.

      Many of the above factors are mutually exclusive. You need to figure out what factors are important to you perhaps add weights to them in order to choose the best solution for you.

      I wouldn't need to test. I'd be likely to just go with separate databases. I don't have a beefy database server and only GbE, so I would like to distribute and localize the load as much as possible between separate servers. But that is me and my set of servers.
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