New Harddrive advice for HC2 (at least 10TB)

    • OMV 4.x

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    • New Harddrive advice for HC2 (at least 10TB)


      The 6TB WD Red in my Odroid HC2 is getting a bit full and I would be really grateful for some advice for a larger replacement.

      Ideally, I think 10TB would be adequate, although I could stretch to 12TB if it was not hugely more.

      Any suggestions/pointers would be very much appreciated.

      The current drive is mainly used for recording and streaming recorded TV/ripped DVDs, so it does not have to be super quick.

      Is it worth taking into consideration power usage, when making my decision?
    • I use five Ironwolf 12TB and four Exos X16 16TB drives in my HC2s. All work fine. I have used Ironwolf 8TB and some old 8TB Seagate Archive SMR drives as well. Also fine.

      At least as long as you don't try to change/set any of the physical disk properties in the OMV GUI. Set the disk spindown by reflashing the SATA/USB bridge firmware.

      I think the power requirements are pretty constant regardless of the size of the drive. So you get more storage per Watt with the biggest drives. Also if you calculate the total cost for putting disk storage online, then for bigger drives cost per TB online is not so bad. Add up the cost of the server divided by number of used drive bays. And cost of the switch port. And the cables. And so on. Also I like the space saving from not needing a lot of drives. And the three or five year warranty...
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