Handbrake GUI 403 Forbidden

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    • Handbrake GUI 403 Forbidden

      I installed handbrake in a docker with portainer as in the TDL youtube video. The docker actually works, I drop a video in the watch folder it converts it and puts it in the output folder with the defaults. When I put my ip:5800 into my browser I get a "403 Forbidden" . The only thing that seemed a little different with this docker was leaving the PUID and GUID at 1000:1000 instead of changing the GUID to 100 to match my default user. I read over the handbrake documentation and couldn't figure anything out. The IP listed "" isn't even close to the static IP my server is on, so I tried both. My server address:5800 is the 403 forbidden message, times out. I changed the GUID to 100 and redeployed and that didn't work either. I changed it back as evidenced below. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

      HandBrake .txt