NOOB question for PLEX users

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    • NOOB question for PLEX users

      I will be setting up a Raspberry Pi 4B with OMV. I will use OMV for storage of my media files which I will be playing with Plex. Is there a benefit to having the PLEX server on OMV as opposed to using another devices as the server and just storing the files on OMV? I currently have both my files and the PLEX server on my desktop, and I'd like to move things somewhat. I have an nVIDIA Shield TV which can be set up as a PLEX server, and I also use a FireStick 4K which can be a PLEX client not a server. I could keep the PLEX server on the desktop or do something else. Ideas?


      I will definitely have other questions going forward.

    • I have run Plex Media Server on my OMV machine since starting with OMV years ago. My OMV machine is on 24/7/365, my desktop is only on during my waking hours.
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    • Hello

      I had the same idea some time ago with a Rockpro64 SBC and I will say, that I would use the Raspberry pi for OMV, the storage part, and then using the nvidea shield as a plex servicer.

      The reason is that if your media is needed to be transcoded then you will have a terrible experience. Well, maybe the Raspberry pi 4 is better suited for transcoding than a Rockpro, but I highly doubt it is that big of a difference. So I am guessing that transcoding 1080 will be a nightmare on a plex server on a pi.

      here is a good guide on how to mount at NAS on a nvidea shield running plex, and the transcoding performance:

      (it is a bit old but still very informative)
    • Thanks for the replies. I already have my nVIDIA Shield set up as a PLEX server with the PLEX database on a USB drive attached to the Shield, so I am familiar with that. I don't really expect any transcoding, because it is only my wife an I watching on one device, but it would probably make sense to continue to use the Shield as the server but just move the media files to the raspberry pi.

      I'm still not sure about my preference between the FireTV or the Shield. The Shield does have a lot of features the FireTV does not, one of which is that it can be a PLEX server, but I truly hate the remote on the Shield. I am going to purchase a FLIRC to use with a programmable remote and see if I like that combination better.

      I am somewhat concerned about energy consumption, but I think with the pi it is minimal, and I can have the drives spin down when not in use. My desktop is also on only during the day, but this way I could turn it off in the evening and not need it for anything. It is also my understanding that I could set the pi to go on and off at certain times using OMV, is that correct?

      Thanks again.

    • I read some threats about added new remotes to the shield and it seems durable if it is the remote that irritates you the most.

      BTW, the raspberry pi 4B use 3.4 watt in idle and 7.6 watt while on load, if you was interested in the power comsumption.

      You can set a specific plan for standbymode, reboot and shutdown. But I haven't played around with it so I would not be classified to talk about it. but you can setup a weekly/daily etc assignment for a specific time, on repeat of that is what you wish. But I dont know if just by using the HDD that the SBC go out of standby or you need to press something, sorry.

      But the two HDD I am using have been set to spin down after 5 min. so the power consumption minimal with standby and the disks stop spinning after 5 min of not being used.

      You can control that under the "Disks" tap, and the pressing the disk you wish to setup and then pressing "Edit", there is a lot of power management for each disk possible.
    • I am not worried about saving money so I do not spin down drives. My OMV machine runs 24/7/365. I would think the lag due to spinning up could be on the order of ten seconds. My belief is that spinning up and down frequently adds more wear than leaving the them spun up.
      Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

      RAID - Its ability to disappoint is inversely proportional to the user's understanding of it.

      ASRock Rack C2550D4I - 16GB CC - Silverstone DS380
    • New

      RoyGBiv wrote:

      Thanks for the additional information. I was wondering if I have the disks spin down like that 1) does it effect their lifespan if they are continually spinning off and on, and 2) how much lag is there to access the media files if the disk has to spin up first?

      Oh I saw this the other day and though I would share since it might interest you.

      It is a sata hat for the raspberry pi for so you could run 4 hdd on one raspberry pi on sata connections instead of usb. It is a fairly new product so I don’t know if it is buyable now. But maybe? Good luck on your project.…-pi-4-raspberry-pi-4-nas/