Network performance degrades after a few days

    • OMV 4.x
    • Network performance degrades after a few days

      This is my first OMV build and it's running fairly well except that the network performance degrades to about a 1/10 bandwidth after a few days. I'm **not** losing the network, and it's **not** always slow, just after some period of time. On a fresh boot, these are my benchmarks:

      * iperf = 116 MB/s
      * pv/smb = 104 MB/s
      * rsync = 86 MB/s

      I'm happy with that! However, when this problem occurs, they all drop -- so I think it is protocol independent.
    • I don't believe there's anything amiss, the server is underloaded -- the most I do is copy files over and server a single (non-transcode) Plex stream in the evening. I've noticed this when copying files after it's been running for a few days. Next time it happens I'll give a more complete reckoning from glances. Presently, glances reports the cores are at 47C, CPU at 25%, MEM at 11%, SWAP at 1.2%, 15m load at 0.43, SYS DISK is 4/20G.
    • I ran my quick diagnostic (dd if=/dev/zero bs=1G count=1 | ssh omv 'cat > /dev/null') and noted it is taking for ever, so while it was running I took the screenshot above. Everything in glances looks okay.

      When my diagnostic completes it reports:

      1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 913.378 s, 1.2 MB/s

      iperf reports the equivalent in bits (9.41 Mbits/s)

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    • Why do you say that? The system has 8GB of RAM, which should be plenty and is barely used.

      ╭─reagle@omv ~
      ╰─➤ vmstat -s
      7985784 K total memory
      733520 K used memory
      2811316 K active memory
      1325020 K inactive memory
      3289004 K free memory
      517048 K buffer memory
      3446212 K swap cache
      8206332 K total swap
      19968 K used swap
      8186364 K free swap
      370049 non-nice user cpu ticks
      3789 nice user cpu ticks
      174475 system cpu ticks
      103285356 idle cpu ticks
      49982 IO-wait cpu ticks
      0 IRQ cpu ticks
      34187 softirq cpu ticks
      0 stolen cpu ticks
      8184847 pages paged in
      10099879 pages paged out
      280 pages swapped in
      2582 pages swapped out
      46973006 interrupts
      73248057 CPU context switches
      1575744089 boot time
      94451 forks
    • So it sounds like there is something wrong with the suspend procedure. Some driver that is not correctly initialized after suspend, perhaps. Or even defective hardware.

      I have no idea how to find out what might cause it, except replacing hardware one piece at a time and reinstall from scratch until it works as it is supposed.
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