wrong space failure

    • OMV 4.x
    • wrong space failure


      i try to copy some files to my RAID, when i try this it tells me i need 34GB more free space, i want to copy 100GB and they are 2TB free.
      when i try to copy the same files to my other RAID (same free space) it works well.
      i copy from Windows PC over SMB to the raid.
      if i try this on SSH - he gives me a failure.

      yesterday it worked both, whats wrong now?

      Source Code

      1. cp /srv/dev-disk-by-id-md-name-naspc-backup/backup/test/ /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-ST8000VN0022-2EL112_ZA1BXH01-part1/media/
      2. cp: -r not specified; omitting directory '/srv/dev-disk-by-id-md-name-naspc-backup/backup/test/'
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