Network Path was not found 0x80070035

    • OMV 5.x (beta)

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    • Network Path was not found 0x80070035


      I recently installed Openmediavault on an old pc at home. I followed the installation guide to create a shared folder on the network using SMB. The shared folder works fine and easily accessible on all computers on the network that are connected via WIFI but the other 2 computers that are connected to the network via Ethernet can't access the shared folder and show the following message:
      -Network Path was not found 0x80070035

      I used google to find a solution and I followed multiple guides to resolve the problem but without success. I am not sure if the problem comes from the computers, the router (tp-link) or I have to change some setting in Openmediavault.

      I appreciate all help.

      thank you