Nanopi crashes on file transfers

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    • Nanopi crashes on file transfers


      So I've just received a new nanopi, sata had, new hard drive and sd card.

      I've installed OMV and started to play arround in it.

      everything seems to work nice until i transfer my data to OMV. Then, after a wile transfering folders, he stops.
      I don't know what is the cause of it but after connecting a display to it i could take this picture.

      Perhaps i can find this log on the disk but i don't know where to look.

      I've reinstalled the omv on a differend sd card, same problem...

      Onley thing i can do is reboot the device. . .

      Any advice to get this resolved.
      Should i think about having a faulty nanopi?
    • I've been using the NanoPi m4 v2.

      I used…-s-i386-32-bit-platforms/ as a guide and downloaded "Armbian_19.11.5_Nanopim4v2_buster_current_5.4.7.img" to start.

      I've found some posts that could explain some strange behavior saying that it is a temp problem and turning down the CPU will resolve this. (…re-and-Throughput-Issues/)

      I cannot say that my setup is feeling hot because there is a small fan on it, but I’ll give it a try tomorrow. . .

      At this point I'm having more problems when I copy from usb3 to the sata drive than when I copy to sata over the lan connection.

      I'll update this when I've tested with lower cpu settings.
    • So today Ive installed an extra fan just on the sata had. On the NanoPi there already was a fan.

      Reduced the cpu speed to 1800 later to 1600 without result.

      The cpu temperature is lower but file transfering keeps on failing...

      At least the cpu keeps running and I'm able to ssh to it..
      When it is failed for the first couple of minutes I aslo cannot access the sata drives to ssh or windows share...

      It seems (my thought) to be a temp failure on the sata had? I'll try tomorrow to change the thermal pad of the sata had and replace it whit cooling paste.
    • It is possible it is a kernel issue. I don't have a v2 but my v1 has been ultra stable. Maybe try the 4.4 kernel instead of the 5.4 kernel?
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    • I've just taken a look at the termal pads. Replacing them with paste is not possible at this point. I'll try to get some new one next week.

      So i tried the 4,4 kernel.

      My transfers from usb to sata seems to be staying at 110MB/s while in the 5,4 kernel it's going down from 80MB/s to 60MB/S (copying files with midnight commander)


      While using midnight commander a had more than 1TB of data in place.

      Looking at htop I noticed that te max cpu freq was 1.8 and it is not possible to set it more than 1.8GHz (in kernel 4.4) . No problem because it seems that it is working on copying the files at a nice speed.

      I'm going to test it some more and keep you posted tomorrow.

      Still need to configure/tune in OMV, but for now it seems to be working.

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