OMV inside of a container

    • OMV inside of a container


      As you can see it's my first post here so please excuse my question was answer previously, searched but didn't find anything.

      So my home project is creating a NAS storage on my RPi4 with the following setup:
      • 1 RPi4 4G
      • Ubuntu as an OS
      • Docker installed
      • On top of a container i want to install OMV
      • Other containers supporting different projects
      I searched all over the web and i couldn't find a solution for this.
      Is it doable?
      Am i wasting my time?
      If it's doable, can you point me to a guide?

      I would also like to mention that my linux skills are low to average, i understand how lightweight virtualization works and i work as a Network Engineer.

      Thank you in advance.

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    • kze wrote:

      Is it doable?
      Nope. OMV doesn't work in a container. I fail to understand why you Ubuntu as the OS (and I am a big Ubuntu fan) if you intend to use it for a NAS?

      kze wrote:

      i understand how lightweight virtualization works
      Docker isn't virtualization. It uses the host's kernel and you can see all docker processes from the host.
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