Please help with this partition layout and error

    • Please explain this partition layout and error


      ok, I admit I have not looked closely at drives and file systems for a while, my box has been running for some years and survived all the OMV migrations/updates I put up for it.

      Since my drives are now >6 years old I thought about activating automatic notifications especially for SMART events, which I did yesterday. Tonight I got a mail "A DegradedArray event had been detected on md device /dev/md/126_0"

      Looking at the GUI I'm not sure what to make of this, it says md125 is degraded (not 126)??

      [Blocked Image:]

      Can you shed some light on what these partitions really are and whether the "degraded" warning is something to worry about?

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      System looks like this:

      Source Code

      1. Personalities : [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid10]
      2. md124 : active (auto-read-only) raid1 sdd1[0]
      3. 530048 blocks [1/1] [U]
      4. bitmap: 0/65 pages [0KB], 4KB chunk
      5. md125 : active (auto-read-only) raid1 sdd2[0]
      6. 530048 blocks [2/1] [U_]
      7. md126 : active (auto-read-only) raid1 sdd4[0]
      8. 458880 blocks [1/1] [U]
      9. bitmap: 0/57 pages [0KB], 4KB chunk
      10. md127 : active raid5 sdb[1] sdc[2] sda[0]
      11. 5860530176 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/3] [UUU]
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      Source Code

      1. /dev/sda: UUID="2925be41-fc40-e814-1ba6-b2a7d48d94eb" UUID_SUB="494a3956-6113-6104-1adf-0e91af53ad43" LABEL="OMV:MasterVault" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
      2. /dev/sdc: UUID="2925be41-fc40-e814-1ba6-b2a7d48d94eb" UUID_SUB="98b93a20-3877-06fe-330b-b0281b25c8c8" LABEL="OMV:MasterVault" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
      3. /dev/sdf1: UUID="89ca1218-f243-4924-9eb8-6f04b39d76f4" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="babbb9f0-01"
      4. /dev/sdf5: UUID="b59a13cd-feae-472d-8274-6413c62c7fd9" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="babbb9f0-05"
      5. /dev/sdd1: UUID="9eee4ce1-8f7b-d9f8-d832-36864d9c359d" TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="000e189a-01"
      6. /dev/sdd2: UUID="1b692fd1-0b7d-4871-90ed-caab235dd1c8" TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="000e189a-02"
      7. /dev/sdd3: UUID="ab855e11-d4b3-4d1e-8dd8-5487cb6d9518" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="000e189a-03"
      8. /dev/sdd4: UUID="6b872a8b-c0d8-ae59-afc0-f6122c5b3870" TYPE="linux_raid_member" PARTUUID="000e189a-04"
      9. /dev/sde1: LABEL="Backup" UUID="9233e731-35e8-44a1-acda-494a8e782c5b" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="901c103b-8e3c-4a64-bebc-98f33175ea71"
      10. /dev/md127: LABEL="Data" UUID="fefa03a4-f295-4b64-b7ad-49dba9101cc8" TYPE="ext4"
      11. /dev/sdb: UUID="2925be41-fc40-e814-1ba6-b2a7d48d94eb" UUID_SUB="63651409-9fdd-cda6-349b-96d1bb93af37" LABEL="OMV:MasterVault" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
      12. /dev/md126: UUID="a9452440-d89a-4ad5-919c-f38efc69a499" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"
      13. /dev/md125: UUID="e511463e-3be9-4c93-8f25-43cf50f55803" TYPE="swap"
      14. /dev/md124: UUID="d0a2c22e-0a4f-433c-a63a-5e1f354c50e7" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"
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      Source Code

      1. Disk /dev/sda: 2,7 TiB, 3000592982016 bytes, 5860533168 sectors
      2. Disk /dev/sdc: 2,7 TiB, 3000592982016 bytes, 5860533168 sectors
      3. Disk /dev/sdf: 37,3 GiB, 40018599936 bytes, 78161328 sectors
      4. Disk identifier: 0xbabbb9f0
      5. Disk /dev/sdd: 1,8 TiB, 2000398934016 bytes, 3907029168 sectors
      6. Disk identifier: 0x000e189a
      7. Disk /dev/sde: 2,7 TiB, 3000592982016 bytes, 5860533168 sectors
      8. Disk identifier: 3F4AFEB9-E453-44F9-94D4-53684511E319
      9. Disk /dev/sdb: 2,7 TiB, 3000592982016 bytes, 5860533168 sectors
      10. Disk /dev/md127: 5,5 TiB, 6001182900224 bytes, 11721060352 sectors
      11. Disk /dev/md126: 448,1 MiB, 469893120 bytes, 917760 sectors
      12. Disk /dev/md125: 517,6 MiB, 542769152 bytes, 1060096 sectors
      13. Disk /dev/md124: 517,6 MiB, 542769152 bytes, 1060096 sectors
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      Source Code

      1. # mdadm.conf
      2. #
      3. # Please refer to mdadm.conf(5) for information about this file.
      4. #
      5. # by default, scan all partitions (/proc/partitions) for MD superblocks.
      6. # alternatively, specify devices to scan, using wildcards if desired.
      7. # Note, if no DEVICE line is present, then "DEVICE partitions" is assumed.
      8. # To avoid the auto-assembly of RAID devices a pattern that CAN'T match is
      9. # used if no RAID devices are configured.
      10. DEVICE partitions
      11. # auto-create devices with Debian standard permissions
      12. CREATE owner=root group=disk mode=0660 auto=yes
      13. # automatically tag new arrays as belonging to the local system
      14. HOMEHOST <system>
      15. # definitions of existing MD arrays
      16. ARRAY /dev/md/OMV:MasterVault metadata=1.2 name=OMV:MasterVault UUID=2925be41:fc40e814:1ba6b2a7:d48d94eb
      17. ARRAY /dev/md/127_0 metadata=0.90 UUID=6b872a8b:c0d8ae59:afc0f612:2c5b3870
      18. ARRAY /dev/md/126_0 metadata=0.90 UUID=1b692fd1:0b7d4871:90edcaab:235dd1c8
      19. ARRAY /dev/md/125_0 metadata=0.90 UUID=9eee4ce1:8f7bd9f8:d8323686:4d9c359d
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      Source Code

      1. ARRAY /dev/md/OMV:MasterVault level=raid5 num-devices=3 metadata=1.2 name=OMV:MasterVault UUID=2925be41:fc40e814:1ba6b2a7:d48d94eb
      2. devices=/dev/sda,/dev/sdb,/dev/sdc
      3. ARRAY /dev/md/127_0 level=raid1 num-devices=1 metadata=0.90 UUID=6b872a8b:c0d8ae59:afc0f612:2c5b3870
      4. devices=/dev/sdd4
      5. ARRAY /dev/md/126_0 level=raid1 num-devices=2 metadata=0.90 UUID=1b692fd1:0b7d4871:90edcaab:235dd1c8
      6. devices=/dev/sdd2
      7. ARRAY /dev/md/125_0 level=raid1 num-devices=1 metadata=0.90 UUID=9eee4ce1:8f7bd9f8:d8323686:4d9c359d
      8. devices=/dev/sdd1

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      Can you shed some light on what these partitions really are and whether the "degraded" warning is something to worry about?
      It means it's not clean i.e. working correctly, in fact the whole output except for /dev/md127 which is a raid 5 makes no sense.

      Suggestion, backup your data, disconnect the drives, reinstall, connect the drives, wipe them and start again.

      Can it be resolved without doing the above, I doubt it, but to give you an idea, OMV does not use partitions to create a raid this would have to done on the command line + it would require 2 to create a mirror yours only appear to have one. Oh, and those mirrored raids are in auto-read-only mode.
      Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?
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