Updating my two servers for backup strategy.

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    • Updating my two servers for backup strategy.


      I am looking to update my system and would be really grateful for advice before I do so, so I don’t mess it up – apologies, in advance, for the lengthy post!

      At present, I have a 6TB HDD in an Odroid HC2 (running OMV 4) – I use this for making and recording TV recordings via TVHeadend.

      I have a second x86 server (also running OMV4), which contains 2 x 2TB HDDS,1 x 1TB HDD and 1 x 500GB hard drive.

      The 1TB HDD contains all my super important stuff, which I occasionally back-up by occasionally inserting another 1TB hard drive into the server, dragging everything across, and then removing it again.

      Most of my setup is, therefore, unprotected (really stupid, I know - have just been very lucky) and the backup that I do have is really bad practice – if I got a virus on the hard drive, I would just spread it to the backup drive.

      My solution:

      I have just bought a new 14TB hard drive.

      What I want to do:

      Put the 14TB hard drive in the Odroid and use this as my only active server – i.e. it will have all my files on it.

      The other server (which shall have the 6TB HDD put in it), shall be used purely for back-ups.

      I am really nervous about where to start and what plugins to use.

      A few initial questions:

      • I want to do incremental backups to the backup server – which plugin should I use for this?
      • Should I merge all the disks in the backup server, into one, with another plugin?
      • How does the backup strategy work?E.g. does the main server wake up the backup server for updates or does the back up server automatically wake up, at a set time, to take updates from the main server?
      • How do I set the above up, without risking losing any of the files currently on the disks?
    • You should start by making a full mirror backup of your hc2 disk with your new big disk connected via usb. One of the Getting Started guides in this post will guide you through a backup using Rsync. Starting on about page 64 of either guide there is a section on backups using Rsync. Once your backup is synced the guide shows you how to repoint your shares from the 6 to the 14TB so you can then swap the disks around and use the 6TB in your next step on the backup server. I always keep a mirrored backup disk connected to my hc2. It is your first backup defense if your main disk fails. You might consider getting a second 14TB disk for that.

      I also backup to a second machine using Rsync but it is not incremental. I think you would use the rsnapshot plugin to go that route but I don’t know anything about it. Here is the guide where I learned how to use Rsync between two machines.

      Others will have to chime in and answer the rest of your questions. Good luck.
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    • elsmandino wrote:

      want to do incremental backups to the backup server – which plugin should I use for this?
      As Agricola mentioned rsnapshot is for that. Rsnapshot will create snapshots of your data. Each snapshot is a complete view on your data, but if data have not changed since previous snapshots the files are only linked. So every new snapshot uses only disk space for data that have changed.

      Advantage compared to traditional incremental backup: you only have to restore the last snapshot to get all data. No need to restore first a complete backup and than every incremental backup.

      elsmandino wrote:

      The 1TB HDD contains all my super important stuff,
      For that I would consider additional off-site backup. I use Duplicati for that and send the data to pCloud usind webDAV. Duplicati supports many targets like Backblaze, AWS etc.
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