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    • Transmission speed

      I am pretty new in this and would ask for help/suggestion.
      I made with OMV a torrent box of a PI4 . It is working fine BUT the transmission speed is about the half that it should be ( in my opinion). Average internet speed is appr.150-19 Mbps. I think (correct me if I am wrong) download speed shoud be around 15MB/s but at least 10) Normal download speed on PC is around 11-13 average. The speedtest on the Pi is showing a perfect result. I need to mention 1 thing: drive that is attached to the PI on USB is an NTFS drive. I know it is not ideal but can it be that the "wrong file system" makes this low speed? The download speed to the same USB drive connected to a WIN PC is around 11-12 MB. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    • Download speed using torrents depends on combined upload speed of the seeding swarm you are connected to. That can and will often be much lower than you would like. It is also possible that the RPi struggle to handle a big seeding swarm.

      Also NTFS can have a significant impact. But that is easy to test. Just reformat to EXT4. Also external USB drives sometimes are only fully compatible with Windows and Mac. Not Linux.
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    • Thanks for the reply. This happens also when there is no other upload from my drive. If it would struggle to handle big seeding, the speed would not be different when the drive is connected to the WIN PC. Would it?
      Formatting it to EXT would be my last option (too much stuff on the drive). If there is nothing else that would cause this, I will make it. I just thought there can be something changed within the transmission setup or somewhere else, that I am not aware of...
    • You should be testing with torrents known to be well seeded and therefore fast. Try this one:

      Source Code

      I get 28MiB/s (224mbps) on that one which saturates my internet connection.
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