OMV5 Primary Port and Dedicated Ports for Dockers

    • OMV 5.x (beta)

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    • OMV5 Primary Port and Dedicated Ports for Dockers

      Hey guys, quick questions. I just acquired an older HP Storage server with four 1Gb Etho ports. Since I already am planning a robust network, was thinking of using one port for OMV Management on one VLAN, one port (or two bonded) for data transfer on a "Data VLAN", and one (or two if I don't bond) dedicated for just dockers? I'll admit, I haven't spent a whole lot of time searching, but what searching I have done I haven't seen my specific question on how to set it up. I'm also researching a number of things on the network side unrelated to OMV (a bit more time consuming).

      I have OMV5 installed but I'm only testing at the moment and haven't attempted multiple ports just yet. More just wondering if there are any pointers or recommendations from those more familiar with OMV and Linux.

      I have been running OMV4 for a couple of years on a DIY NAS, so I'm not new. But, since deploying it, I haven't messed much with the interface; especially network.

      Thanks in advance.
    • I'm curious as to what it is that you are trying to accomplish by running dockers on another network.
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    • Like I said, I'm setting up an elaborate network, setting up several different VLANs to segregate traffic types and destinations. Now, with OVM, NFS, SMB, SNMP and some of the others, I think I can get away by virtue of using ACL's at the switch/router and with the VLAN's themselves. It's the dockers that on the surface got me a bit confused. I know with virtual machines, I can dedicate one of the Host Ports for use with a specific machine or as a VLAN for a number of VMs. Many of the dockers will be internet facing so I want to limit exposure to the rest of the network by using a DMZ in the architecture. Sure, won't be a true DMZ, but since the service will be limited to only the DMZ for traffic, it will still greatly reduce any risk.

      Now, I'm doing this for efficiency and for learning. Do this stuff at work as a "fairly old guy but very new integrator," so my home project is also a learning project. So the end goal is to cobble together a more "production" system than just a DIY.