Unable to Properly install OMV5- Errors Need Help

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    • Unable to Properly install OMV5- Errors Need Help


      After watching in YouTube Tecno Dad Live, how to install OMV5, my installation did not process as it should.

      1st during the installation process OS gave me an error for my DHCP, really did not understood what it mean but seems it did not read or locate, it ask me to do it manually, I select to continue without setting that part.

      After, I was unable to select a Repo or Mirror, every one gave me a Red Alert, stating it is not available or Broken, I keep continue..

      After I make sure I name and select my Password, system reboot, unplug the USB, boot directly from OMV and is asking me to login to OMV5 (my user name) but the Password is NOT working and send me here, now I'm lost.

      After all this, I went into my router and check if DHCP is enabled and it is, so why and how I can fix this ?

      Something tells me I must do a reinstall but why so many error's :?:

      What and where it went wrong ?(

      Note: inside my Router- The OMV is not populated, cannot see it but all my other connection, I do.

      Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

    • Where did you try to login? If you login in CLI on a fresh install you have to use "root" as user and the password you assigned during installation. When you login to the GUI of OMV in a Web browser you login as user "admin" and the password is "openmediavault".

      But as geaves wrote, first you have to make sure you have internet connection during the installation.
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    • Hi,

      OMV definitely wasn't able to configure my Network, I do have 2 Network connection in that PC, however one is dead and when that happened, I installed a Intel 1 Gb PCI-E card and it's working perfect, during the set up, OMV did read both (had some wired names for it), I was unable to know which one it is, but OMV mark one and under instruction it stated that OMV will choose the active one, in this case was the 1st one. The only thing I can imagine, is that OMV choose the Network attach to the board (the bad one). At the same time after I choose the recommended by OMV, I was able to continue, then after set or add my Server Name and Password, it pop up the alert for the Network, stating the my Router doesn't have DHCP or there was a problem. My concern is, as mentioned before, after all this I was able to get in my Router and it does have DHCP Enabled and the type of Router/Service (?) is via DHCP, etc.

      My only guess, to reinstall OMV into my SSD (is the one Disk in it) and this time select the other Network.


      For the login,, OMV offer me to login directly without Web Browser, there was no way to use it, (logged into my Router and OMV was not there)... in the Screen (monitor attached to OMV), it ask me to login under the name I gave to my Server- try that password and the Admin but no luck on both.


      Also noticed during the installation (compared with Techno Dad Live), seems OMV skip several steps, I never add my password twice nor save the "Local" option, it was never offered.


      Believe, my only option is to reinstall OMV and choose the other network, not sure if after I installed the OMV will let me do the reinstall or I must delete/ reformat the SSD, then do it again but it is based on Debian and the other PC is Windows (will use to delete OMV SSD), not sure if I can... Seems ignorant, again is my 1st time and have no idea if is possible.

      Any advise how to resolve it, will be highly appreciated.


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    • After a reinstall, now almost everything is good, was able to do everything and create files, groups user, etc.

      My new Issue: in my Windows PC I do have access to my files or folders I created in OMV, there only one owner/user/client, me but cannot transfer anything, windows tell me I do not have permission. I had updates all permission in every group, files, user and drives to be able to read/write and for everyone, still I do not have permission.

      Cannot copy/paste nor drag and drop anything from my PC to OMV.

      Anyone who can be kind and point me or tell me how I can fix this permission issue, will be highly appreciated.

      Read installation pdf and all videos in youtube and I believe, I had followed all steps needed, to be able to transfer data.
    • Hi,

      From TechnoDadLife video, he stated or advice to choose SMB, so I did, make sure it is read/write and add me (only user exist) to have full privileges, after 2 days with fail, had try to reset drives. folder, user, groups, etc. After fails, added a new Folder with similar permission under NFS make sure is enabled, and this one will not even show in my PC.

      In my house there are only 2 lan connections, my PC and OMV.

      I can see both are active in my router.

      Hope this helps.