Unable to find the Domain Master Browser....

    • Unable to find the Domain Master Browser....

      Hi all,

      I just installed OMV and am so far impressed. One issue I had was with SMB/CIFS. My syslog was being flooded with the dreaded 'Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name WORKGROUP<1b> for the workgroup WORKGROUP' message.

      Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

      I tracked it down to the fact that in my LAN, I have no operating PDC. The message is harmless - it's stating that no PDC is in the LAN. Still, I found it annoying.


      Source Code

      1. domain master = yes

      in smb.conf fixed the issue. When enabling 'Allow this server to try and become a local master browser', shouldn't this option also be set to yes to eliminate the 'Unable...' message from flooding the log? Or, in the case of someone with a PDC in their LAN, shouldn't there be an option to disable/enable it in the GUI?

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