Help me install OMV with Intel e1000e NIC

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      Back on the topic of the e1000e nic, my Dell Poweredge T20 has that nic in it, omv .5 doesnt detect it,but installing the driver via USB works, once I reboot the system, I mount the thumbdrive, insmod the driver, tag dhclient eth0, then install the omvextras plugin and finally install the 3.2 backports kernel, it works fine with no other workarounds
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      So I think I figured it out, I wasn't writing data to the poll rather each share which was pointed at the same drive. So I enabled the pool and got that all setup but now I can't write to it. It says I don't have permission even though I do in the shared folders under "pool" I can't figure out what I can't write to it. Any advice?
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      i have the same error message. What did you do to fix it?
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      Postby deadnbrkn84 » Mon 19. May 2014, 18:15

      After I run this:

      "1 - echo "deb kralizec main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list
      2 - apt-get update"

      It starts going own the list and gets everything then gives me:

      "W: GPG error: kralizec Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUB KEY 7E7A6C592EF35D13"

      Can anyone tell me what that means?
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      That means that you updated your local repo to know of the openmediavault packages. Now you need to install the keyring which then adds the key it is telling you is missing. It will warn you again while you install the keyring package, you're fine to tell it to install the keyring package.

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