Problem setting up Bit Torrent

    • Problem setting up Bit Torrent

      Hi everyone,
      I have version running with 3 x hdd's. There are SMB/CIFS service and some shared folder along with a Grayhole setting. It all seems to be working ok and I have backed up various laptops but I can't get my bit torrent service to work.
      When I go to the setup page and Files and Locations tab, in locations I can set up a location from the drop down list ie torrent-downloads . I've set this to be 'debian-transmission' has read/write access to the shared folder. The problem is this location keeps despairing, so the box is red with select a shared folder inside and any torrent hangs up after a small amount of data is transmitted.

      Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I need to do to fix this. I would just like to get this running as that would make OpenMediaVault complete.
      Thanks for any help.
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      Hi, it's my first post here, but - being ex Freenas user - I've been following this project and forum since it's started. Great job Volker!

      I can confirm the problem that trebor7-1 has, but also with version. I've been using OMV for quite long time without any issues, until I decided to try Bt few days ago. Same issues as mentioned before - download dir disappears from settings. I digged a bit in configuration and logs, and tried to change the BT "download-dir" manually in settings.json, but the plugin keeps changing it to default value - "/". Then of course you can see in log transmission complaining that it has no write rights to "/". Finally I gave up: I removed the BT plugin, reinstalled transmission-daemon manually with apt, configured it, and now it works.
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      Install the package from the repository through the WebGUI
      Read the file: / etc / transmission-daemon / readme.json:
      "Currently transmission overwrites the settings.json configuration file on exit. The daemon can be instructed to reload the config with a SIGHUP, or # invoke-rc.d transmission-daemon reload
      Otherwise changes made manually to the file while the daemon is running will be silently overwritten on exit. "
      That is to manually edit the / etc / transmission-daemon / config.json, then invoke-rc.d transmission-daemon reload and no changes of configuration through WebGUI!
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      "bluskye" wrote:

      Found the problem through a closed bug for the plugin.

      To resolve: Set a directory for Download/Incomplete/Watch. You do not have to enable the check marks for Incomplete/Watch.

      Very annoying :evil:

      Thanks bluskye thats sorted it for me...
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