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    • CaNsA wrote:

      Hi Spy Alelo,

      I have an annoying and loudish vibration coming from the drive bays on my N54L/
      There are 4 x 3TB Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 in there, and the vibration only happens when the drives are spun up.
      The box is only a couple of months old.
      Currently I have the box laying on the ride side, kinda helps.
      What would you recommend to prevent/lessen this vibration?


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      The Movie is called Officespace
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    • The server supports drives larger than 2.5TB drives, so yes, a 6TB should work just fine. Just make sure that you updated the firmware and BIOS before the upgrade!

      As far as HP support goes, this is a Gen7 server and it is no longer a supported product (not officially). That doesn't mean that the drives will not work.

      For advanced formats, that's for the OS to support (not the controller) and yes, Debian supports 4K. You may have to do some digging to see what is necessary, but last I checked, it was supposed to be automatic. Just make sure that you are running Kralizec for best results.

      Also, be aware that there's currently an artificial limit with EXT4 of 16TB with Debian Squeeze (OMV Sardaukar). This is not due to the actual file system itself, but the tools and utilities used within will not handle anything above 16TB and a limit was implemented. I think Wheezy, on which Kralizec runs on, fixes all that.

      In short, update update and update! It should be alright if everything is up to date before you replace the drives.
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    • No link, sorry. And like I said, we are no longer testing the server since is no longer supported, but the controller can address the larger drives. The 2TB limit on the controllers was fixed quite a while back, I believe in 2007-2008.
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    • None taken. Well, tell you what. If you can tell me which BIOS assembly you have, I might be able to help a little bit. Is usually a letter and two numbers. For example, A90, or P89. You can see that info if you have iLO, or by entering the BIOS settings.
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      I work for the HPE R&D division. Have tech questions about ProLiant servers? Ask me!
      Learn more about HPE's iLO included in all ProLiant servers.
    • 3TB hdds are no prob with the N54 running 4 of them on my f...nas machine, 4tb i heared positive feedback too. So there should be no prob with 6tb.

      Maybe you want to use xfs for big volumes, then you avoid the ext4 limitations.

      (i use the tobi mod firmware on all my hps, think it is a HP_SP64420 version)


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    • The readon why Dennis asks for the 6TB version specific because those use 4Kn instead of 512e.

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    • 1. HP N54L - with the server came a note with cryptic URL. After entering it I was redirected to a website. on the website is basically a procedure to backup USB (or USB key) and an emtpy USB stick smaller than 2Gb is required :-O

      Is there any other way to get this key besides formatting a smaller USB stick ?

      2. Is it possible to boot from the outside USB ports?

      I am currently using inner USB for OMV OS on a USB stick, software RAID 1 array is for logs (2 HDD) & swap (which wasn't used yet) and data. Let's see how that goes. There is way too much logging done by OMV and various errors of unresolved bugs.

      and if I may - some comments on the product:
      - I like the form factor
      - the HP logo light is too bright it illuminates the whole room during the night.
      - I like how HP marked the spare parts - I am thinking of proposing something like that in my company ( I work in spare parts after sales in white goods company) - note: this is my first brand name computer - so it could be this is industry standard?1
      - i don't like it that there is no new gen micro server with power efficient CPU and good price. the gen 8 is way too expencive for home use.
    • Hi Spy,

      This is not really a question about Proliant servers but since you work for HP maybe you could help on this:
      I've a HP Thin Client GT7725 and it has an internal PCIe interface, for its mainly use it supports and additional graphics card, I was thinking to add an PCIe sata dual port card to add some 2.5" sata drives and install OMV, will this be supported?
      I've seen on another forum a guy that was trying to install an additional Intel nic on a HP GT7725 and was complaining that the card was not detected, I could not find any information about this PCIe interface on this HP GT7725, could you help me?

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    • Unfortunately, I work on the server division. We don't develop or test thin clients in our lab.

      Lucky for you, I do know that these thin clients are in fact made by Wyse and rebranded as HP appliances, and I happen to know a little bit about the Wyse thin clients.

      I can tell you at least, that the PCIe slots in these are fully functional, but you have to take into consideration the power load of the card that you would be using. Also, the slot itself may be PCIe x1 even if the slot is x4/x8 in size.Do remember, not every PCIe raiser will work with it. My suggestion is to take the board out, place it on something like a foam block and see which cards will work with it. If you think the card you are testing uses more power than what the power supply can deliver, try one with more amperage but the same voltage. Good luck!
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    • hello,
      I have a recently acquired dl360 g5 with a p400 raid card. I wanted to know if its possible for me to install a 1tb sata drive and have it be recognized.

      I looked up the spec sheet on HP for the dl360 g5 w/ p400 and it shows 500gb drives I believe but then I have read around where people said it should work with 1tb but not exceed 2tb for a logical volume. I would prefer to run the drives in the server then have to run a NAS and access storage that way.

      If I can run a 1tb is a particular manufacturer recommended over another? I have read that seagates get rebranded by HP for use in servers.

    • There are limitations on the logical drive with some controllers. Make sure that you do update the firmware to the latest if possible. Once you do that, if the logical size cannot go beyond 2TB, you can simply configure each drive as an independent logical drive and let OMV handle the RAID array through software. That way your limitation will be per drive, and not on the array. I am not sure if this is a real limitation, but considering this is a Gen5 server, is very plausible.

      You can use any hard drive you desire. Just keep in mind that you will be trading SAS drives for SATA if you want the additional density. Most SAS drives are manufactured to be robust and very fast. If you prefer density on the cheap, any drive will do but I personally prefer Western Digital. But unfortunately the only drive they manufacture on the SFF size is the WD Velociraptor, and they are not cheap.

      And yes, we do use re-branded Seagate drives for our servers. The only reason for that is for guaranteed compatibility since we test them extensively with every server, but with a server that old, I doubt you are running mission critical data files. Feel free to use any Seagate drive that fits your needs of under 2TB, it will be fine.
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      I work for the HPE R&D division. Have tech questions about ProLiant servers? Ask me!
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    • Gen8 Microserver with B120i Dynamic Smart Array RAID Controller

      Hi Spy,
      I recently bought a Gen8 Microserver and had to figure out that there is no free linux driver for the B120i Dynamic Smart Array RAID Controller. (just a binary for Redhat and an old Ubuntu version).
      Is there any chance that HP releases the driver source code in the near future ?


    • Looks like they are working on an Ubuntu version here. I don't recommend using Ubuntu PPA on debian but this might be your only option.
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