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      (Re)Installation of OpenMediaVault 1.0.X


      If you want to install OpenMediaVault for the first time or your system is messed up and you definitely need a reinstallation of OpenMediaVault, you can follow these steps to make it as easy as it could be.

      Pre-Installation steps
      1. Make a backup of your config.xml which is located here /etc/openmediavault/config.xml (Just if you do a reinstallation)
      2. Shutdown your NAS
      3. Unplug all data disks


      Way 1:
      You can simply download one of the ISOS provided here: (Currently OMV 2.X)
      32 and 64 bit >>

      Boot from the ISO, and install. Done!

      Way 2:
      Follow this instruction:
      Howto install OpenMediaVault on Debian 7.x (Wheezy)

      Post-Installation steps
      1. Shutdown your NAS
      2. Plug your data drives back in
      3. Boot OpenMediaVault
      4. Switch to system >> Update Manager >> Click "Check" >> Mark all the updates >> Click "Upgrade"
      5. Switch to Storage >> File Systems >> Click your File System >> Click "Mount"
      6. Install your wanted plugins
      7. Reconfigure your users, plugins, services
      8. Done.

      Questions / Problems / Discussions
      If you have any questions, feel free to create a post HERE.
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