plex enabled but not running

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      1. /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver status

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    • The more you do things from the cli, the harder it gets to fix the problem. Moving to /var/lib is definitely unsupported.
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    • tekkb wrote:

      If that does not work do this:

      apt-get --purge remove openmediavault-plexmediaserver
      apt-get --purge remove plexmediaserver
      userdel plex

      And then try to reinstall the plugin... I have not seen your problem before. (edit- I have seen this a lot.)
      THIS! Someone please give this man a cookie! I was going nuts trying to reinstall Plex. I tried uninstalling and purging, but I never thought of deleting the old Plex user. I had to reinstall Plex due to a hard drive migration, but the installer kept looking for the old HDD. Perhaps some old configuration files where kept under the plex user folder, which messed with the new installation
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