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      Hi guuys,

      Can anyone tell me if we will be getting the update to owncloud 7 soon? There is a bug in the current version (and also 7 but it was fixed this week) where if user1 shares a file to user2 via the web interface and user2 then updates the file, the updated version is not synced back to user1. This is a pretty serious flaw and I am pleased that it has been fixed but the omv version is still 6. I know that the devs like things to bake in but OC 7 was released months ago.

      If not, can you manually install owncloud 7 and still use the web interface? I dont want omv to manage the users or shares as I have disabled the app in owncloud for this as I didn't like it, but I do like the simplicity of setting up certs and database location with the plugin.

      Thanks for any help :)
    • I would simply say this isn't on Volkers high Priority List...

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