Suggestion: OMV SMB and FTP should be easier to config by default, should share all HDs and all user folders

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    • Suggestion: OMV SMB and FTP should be easier to config by default, should share all HDs and all user folders

      Suggestion: OMV SMB and FTP should be easier to config by default, should share all HDs and all user folders

      1 Thank you
      Hi all, at first thank you all for making such great NAS software/system! and it's free and open source!
      I totally understand there are uncountable hours of efforts you have put into it
      besides that, you also contribute your valuable time to support users to do trouble shooting.
      we really appreciate that.

      2 Background
      I used my DLINK NAS (model DNS-343 Linux based) for 4 years , until now I am getting more and more not satisfied due to it's slow speed and UI and NOT real OPEN source ( the GPL pkgs they provided are always missing files and never can be compiled). time to leave it.
      So I reconfiged my elder but still powerful PC and checked the Free-NAS , after 1 weeks investigation in VirtualMachine I think it's not for me.
      So I turned to OpenMediaVault (openmediavault_1.0.20_amd64) , another 3 days , I think OMV is what I am looking for.

      When I am doing the configuration, I think OMV has something to improve:

      3. Suggestion
      The FTP and SMB service, it should have been easier to config, like the DLINK 343 NAS, Here is how it does:
      Open Web GUI, open FTP admin page, enable FTP, check the root box, create a user/pass. it's Done!!.
      User now can use FTP client to login the NAS, here is what the user can see from ftp client:

      share root /
      |-- Volume1
      |-- Volume 3
      |-- Volume 4

      Volume1234 represent 4 HDrives, they are Automatically mounted as Volumes and shared together from the root /, no more complicated user privilege settings required, no more share folder setting required.

      Same as the SMB service, by default, guest access is granted from the "root"/. Just check one or two box to enable the service. Done, easy.

      However when I try to do this in OMV, I found it quite difficult, first user must create share folder item, and what's worse, the share folder can NOT be the root of one HD , not to mention the root for all HDs.

      I think this can be improved, by default, or by easily "check and enable", OMV should be able to share the ROOT item of all user HDs.
      Of course admin can do more complex setting to do more restricted access , by I am suggesting by default or by easy setting it should be granted all.

      I know there is a guild to show how to do it by using SSH telnet and create slink but this should just be a work around, it should not be the only way to do it. it's not user friendly and OMV should not only meant for "geeks".
      After all, OMV is for home and small office, not for NSA or CIA.


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    • You can also share the ROOT of the hard drive. Just put a / in for the path. It defaults to a path but you can change it.
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    • The way I found to be able to have access to my different users' home folders via the FTP service was to add them as shared folders and then add them to the service. If you manage the shared folders privileges and deny access to the users they don't belong to, only the user's home folder will be listed with the other shares he has been given access to through privileges. I find the way to deal with the FTP service under OMV good as it is. It is secure and no need to deal with symlinks.

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    • You have to use a symlink from the root of the data drive to /. Then pick the symlink as a share. It will work in Samba it will not work in proftpd. OMV defaults ftp to be chrooted, symlinks are only allowed in the default chrooted environment. There is a dirty way to come around that anyway.
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