Partition system drive for data storage use

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    • Partition system drive for data storage use


      I have a 128GB SSD drive on which I'd like to install OMV but is it possible to partition the drive and use about 20GB for the OMV system files and use the rest for data?

      This would be really handy as it will allow SABnzbd and other applications to (possibly) write quicker to the SSD and more importantly be able to unpack and repair data more quickly. I believe it may also spare the 2.5 inch 2TB drive from wear and tear as it's on pretty much all day. If the SSD dies then no problem, I'll replace it and reinstall OMV but it would be annoying to lose data on the 2.5 inch drive (I always backup any important data to two external drives).

      The 2.5 inch drive will only be used when SABnzbd has finished processing the downloaded files before SickRage takes over and moves the completed files from the SSD to the 2.5 inch drive. So in other words no processing is being done on the mechanical drive.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Please bear in mind I'm a complete Linux noob so I'd appreciate it if you could explain exactly what I need to do. =O

      Many thanks :thumbsup:
    • Yes is possible, however the omv install doesn't have a menu for partitioning. You can start with a wheezy install and partition and then install omv. Or install omv directly and then re-partition using gparted with the disk offline (backup omv plugin there for gparted)

      Why are you worried about spin disk wear? i have 2006 fujitsu 2.5" drive pulled from a white macbook running as main os drive, which gets read-written much more often than the data drives.
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    • EDIT: Ooops Wheezy is actually a version of Debian which Kralizec is based on and which I'm already running!
      I used Unetbootin to burn the image to an USB stick, would that contain the Gparted tool?

      Hello subzero and thanks for your response,

      It's not just about wear and tear but about speed too which I believe will help if all the processing is done on the actual SSD rather than the mechanical drive.

      Doing a quick read up on Wheezy, it sounds like the new version of OMV, I currently have Kralizec installed.

      Would you mind expanding on how I can install Wheezy? If you can point me to a guide then I'd happily follow it and give it a go.

      More than anything else, this stuff is just fun!