AUFS can't create a pool

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    • AUFS can't create a pool

      I had to delete my aufs pool to correct a problem and now I can't recreate the pool.

      When I try to unfold the bind share selector, it stays searching for more than 1 minute, then shows one "communication error" for each share dropdown in the page (they are a big amount, I have to stay clicking for a while)
      The normal it's for some branch to throw another "communication error", then I can't select anything in and I have to cancel all and start again.

      If I manage to fill all, then when I try to save shows something like "string is not an array"

      This thing hangs for a while every time has to access shares or filesystems, in selectors or in their managers. I'm starting to hate this.
      Tomorow I'll try to make a video to send to you.
    • please install omv-extras if you haven't already
      then go to "system Information > Support Info > Dropdown Box: select XML aufs"
      and post it here. Then we'll see whats the causing this hopefully.
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    • omv-extras is installed.
      Here we go:
      <fstab_line>none /media/storage aufs br:/media/38488698-c665-4b76-a7fb-65dd305a3ac4/D1/=rw:/media/12f7f110-46e2-4b4f-a60f-f60bb8e3161e/D2/=rw:/media/b39ec7aa-eb5c-4dbd-9a51-db38600dff9f/D3/=rw,sum,create=mfs,udba=reval 0 0</fstab_line>
      <fstab_bind>/media/storage /media/38488698-c665-4b76-a7fb-65dd305a3ac4/poolshare/ none bind 0 0</fstab_bind>

      But I must point that this log is showing something because I managed to save the pool. The problem seems to be in the OMV interface. Whenever it has to fetch information from the filesystem, it gets hung for a good while.
      Now that I see the log, I remember that I counted the error messages to be 32, when failed.

      How I got it saved: went to explorer and reloaded the page. Started to make the pool. If it throws an error, I reload the page and start again.
      Reloading the page makes it work for a small while. And that allowed me to create the pool.

      Then I had the same problem on samba shares. So it's not AUFS related. Can you please tell me where this thing has to be reported?

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