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    • System check and harddisk/raid speed tests in a nutshell

      Homebox: Bitfenix Prodigy Case, ASUS E45M1-I DELUXE ITX, 8GB RAM, 5x 4TB HGST Raid-5 Data, 1x 320GB 2,5" WD Bootdrive via eSATA from the backside
      Companybox 1: Standard Midi-Tower, Intel S3420 MoBo, Xeon 3450 CPU, 16GB RAM, 5x 2TB Seagate Data, 1x 80GB Samsung Bootdrive - testing for iSCSI to ESXi-Hosts
      Companybox 2: 19" Rackservercase 4HE, Intel S975XBX2 MoBo, C2D@2200MHz, 8GB RAM, HP P212 Raidcontroller, 4x 1TB WD Raid-0 Data, 80GB Samsung Bootdrive, Intel 1000Pro DualPort (Bonded in a VLAN) - Temp-NFS-storage for ESXi-Hosts

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    • I like to propose to use a different tool for benchmarking - called dt.

      It is kind of a dd, but gives you the data directly as an analysis and output.

      You can find it here (very old nowadays) with a linux intel compiled version of it:

      I have written a test procedure somewhere in the RAID section.

      Everything is possible, sometimes it requires Google to find out how.
    • Is it possible to raise a problem for solution on this post? or should I raise a new post?
      The issue is a hard disk that was on my omv before - my parity drive.
      That omv crashed due to the pool vanishing.
      I reinstalled and now I have attached all the disks and everything was OK initially but lately, one hard disk had vanished.
      All my external hard disks are linked via two JBOD via a sata port.
      I have tried to mount it using mount -a but it does not appear.
      I them amended the config.xml file and ran omv-mkconf fstab
      It still does not appear so I found this thread and ran

      Source Code

      1. egrep 'ata[0-9]\.|SATA link up' /var/log/dmesg
      and got this output:

      ***see attachment***
      I am sorry but I don't understand what this output is saying apart from the fact that it has issues.
      The missing disk is this:

      What can I do to recover this disk and why can the sata port read three of four disks? I don't understand.
      The only link i found was this and this is 2009. Surely the issue will have been corrected?
      Please help!
      I have donated. have you?
      OMV 2.2 running on HP Gen 8 G1610T server, 16GB RAM + Xeon E3-1220