export nfs share as nfs3?

    • OMV 1.0

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    • Hi!

      I've recently replaced my XPenology to OMV and I wanted to restore my NFS share for KODI. My linux machines are able to connect to shares but I have problems with KODI:

      mount -t nfs /storage/balrog/video -o nolock

      and result is:

      mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied
      mount: mounting on /storage/balrog/video/ failed: Bad file descriptor

      Form OMV logs I have someting like this:

      Sep 2 18:41:27 balrog rpc.mountd[12143]: refused mount request from for /video (/): not exported

      No idea what is going on....

      I tried to change command to:

      mount -t nfs /storage/balrog/video/ -o nolock

      mount finish with success but folder is not accessible :/

      any idea? anyone has something similar? :D