RPI: how to expand the OS partition after writing image

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    • RPI: how to expand the OS partition after writing image

      Here is a good video that shows you how to use gparted. In the video he moves the swap partition to the end of the space on the SD Card. With the flash plugin and the rpi image we are not using a swap partition. But we do have a rrdcached partition. If you mount another device (usb hard drive or whatever) you no longer need this rrdcached partition. The reason it is used is because when no device is mounted there are errors produced. This is why Aaron added the rrdcached partition and mounted it. If you do not plan on mounting other device you can move the rrdcache partition to the end instead of the swap like he did in this video. Then you can resize the OS partition and apply the changes.

    • add another device like a usb stick, created file system and mount
      unmount rrdcache
      delete filesystem
      delete the partition it was, partition name ended in blk03
      Reboot and then you can expand the root filesystem in command line using:

      option 1

      PS- Some of this information are meant as notes. Here I am increasing the OS partition because that is where I want more room. Most of you will want more room on the data partition (rrdcache). That is what Aaron is working on with this script.

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