Go with unRAID or with OpenMediaVault + SnapRaid?

    • Go with unRAID or with OpenMediaVault + SnapRaid?

      Can someone please weigh in here on their experience and help me choose? (I'm posting on forum for both)
      I'm on the fence, having a hard time choosing, have read forums, blogs, specs, etc for days now.
      I need a solution that is:
      1) set and forget,
      2) reliable and stable (need it to just work for wife and kids when I travel),
      3) works for mix of many small and large files.
      I have a home file server that backs up and syncs the MyDocuments folders from/to my family's various computers, and also serves up a 3TB and growing media collection. It uses an older AMD m-350 dual core 1.6ghz processor with 8GB RAM, and an Intel NIC. 100GB SSD, 3x 4TB HDD.
      My concerns:
      4) boots from a USB (changes lost at boot)
      5) non-standard distro
      OpenMediaVault + SnapRaid:
      6) I read that SnapRaid is for large media files that change infrequently, and I have about 60GB of My Documents folders etc with thousands of smaller files

      Additional questions:
      7) Is there a performance benefit to one or the other? (I think unRAID 6 has benefit of using SSD as cache drive)
      8.) Which will require less time in setup / fiddling with / maintenance?

      Thank you for any help. Whichever one I use gets my financial support... I'll either buy unRAID, or give donation to OMV (if happy with it)
    • OMV will do all you list above... The big difference is OMV is based on Debian. UnRAID is based on Slackware. It seems to be more buggy, and less stable than Debian. Debian has tons of apps that are native to it and is known for stability. That is why Volker based OMV on Debian. In UnRAID they are using Docker to compensate for this. OMV is free. Try and if you're not happy move on..... but I think you will be. :)

      Hold back any donation to OMV til you see how good our forum help is.

      You can read reviews here:

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    • There are many things you can do. I was hoping Solo0815 would respond to you. He uses SnapRAID. The developer says SnapRAID is good for larger files from what I see on his website. I am not sure how well it would go with small files. But you could use other methods to protect the smaller files. Greyhole would work well. You setup a samba share to have 2 copies. It would create backups for every file in that share on a different disk. You would add 2 disks, or more, to the pool. Anyway, there are many alternatives.