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  • Loza_openmediavault -

    Hi as i'm a newbie I cant post at the moment but would like to know if you can answer a question
    I don't have an operating system just a drive formatted with many folders in it
    Eg if you were to plug drive into a USB caddy it would display many folders 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010, Documentaries.
    I have with issues with SMB Sharing, it not displaying folders in the root shared folder it works if i create a shared subfolder, Eg 1980's folder or any of the folders listed above but this would be tedious.

    • geaves -

      If you have created a folder, lets say you have called it data, copy/move the other folders into that single folder, then create a share called data, then create an SMB share pointing to that folder data. All the other folders would display inside that one folder.

    • Loza_openmediavault -

      Got it working by using "/" thanks

  • geaves -

    Work from home, couldn't do without a computer (that sounds vain in itself) hate asking dumb questions, then only to find the answer by using google.
    Using W10 having 'acquired' a Dell Optiplex which can run 2 monitors....I have a beast of a server which I am about to update with a MicroServer G7 N54L....will update when that arrives and have got it running, but have already found a bios hack which opens the bios to increase the available settings, see how it goes!! It's now running and a lot easier than I thought. :)