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    Slowly dropping Linux as desktop; fed up of nvidia poor packaging, dropping hardware support in the middle of a driver package update. they don't know how to create a package per GPU familly providing nvidia-driver. insted they provide a nvidia-driver package and bedween 2 updates, the module drop support for your card and you end up with text mode. the compat driver has less features than the last standard package, mooving to nouveau is even wors with wayland compositors and leads to crashes or slowness (not speaking with optimus configs). Linux is far from Desktop readyness (unfortunately).

    Moving to MacOS, a true UNIX system with perfect docker integration, an X server, stability, no nvidia driver issue, supports for exchange native connection, recieve my SMS, can do facetime and stream desktop to my TV while still cross compiling in a docker window. No script issue when dehibernating while dock was unplugged, ...

    Windows? Ha Ha, a joke, consume more time to ccleaner, defragler, spybost, antivirus, patch tuesday, reboot than to giving ability to produce effective work. Cygwin is always a mess with environment, and sub package, and it's time consuming to have it work somehow.