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  • macom -

    What happened to flmaxey?

    • crashtest -

      Don't know.. I've been looking around for him..

    • macom -

      Unfortunately some very interesting threads got lost as well. Like the How To for SMB/CIFS problems on Windows 10 :(

    • crashtest -

      It will reappear, after it's converted to a PDF format. Editing posts like that is a PITA, using a forum "post". It's easier to work with a document, without restrictions, and post a link.

  • chris2403 -


    nice work on your PiHole/Docker HowTo. I've been using Pihole for over a year now inside a RPi3 and it works like a charm. Since i moved to a selfmade 4Bay-Nas with OMV i also wanted to move the PiHole into a docker container on the OMV Nas. IPv4 Blocking works perfectly following your guide.

    Since i am using a FritzBox Router with IPv6 enabled (DS-Lite ISP) i would also like to filter the IPv6 stuff from my mobile devices as i used to do it with the RPi3-Pihole.

    Do you have any idea on how to realize this or any idea where to look for further information? I did not find any macvlan ipv6 information that would have helped me. I am pretty familiar with ipv4 and subnetting but creating an ipv4/ipv6 macvlan interface that simply assigns a fd00::/64 ip like the FritzBox did with my RPi wont work.

    Great work so far anyways.


  • Punisher187 -

    Any chance you can do a more detailed install guide for unbound? I have pi-hole running smoothly following your guide but can't get unbound to work. Now if I can get that and a VPN guide to tunnel my mobile devices i'll be set. Anyway thank you for the work you've done, I know your guides have saved me hours of frustration.

  • Petee_c -

    did you write the OMV Starter's guide? If So, much thanks.... helped alot.

  • Chrisso -

    Hey mate.

    Saw your post about and old OMV3 image for raspberry pi. I'm in the same boat and was wondering if you had an old OMV3 image i could use?


  • exyu74 -

    Excelent done on : New User Guide - Getting Started with Openmediavault

    It should be add on "" becouse newcomers could be more informed about how looks inside gui and about first steps within!

    Great JOB!

  • tinh_x7 -


    That's a good OMV guide.

    I have some advices regarding map the network drive for Windows.

    To make the drive persistent, user need to go to My Computer or This PC, depend on the OS, and map a network drive from there.