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  • backedbymath -

    can you share how to do scheduled backups for omv?

  • sagatxxx -

    hello!!! I followed your guide to modify the notice of space used on a disk but it does not work, would be very grateful if you tell me how to do omv3

  • mrbusta666 -

    Hey bud could you please enlighten me on the proxy socks setup you reference to in your post for torrenting please

    • gderf -

      I run deluge for torrents as a daemon (Classic mode is not enabled - so it's a client/server type setup). All the configuration for it, including proxy settings, is done via the deluge GUI on the client machine. I use SOCKS5 with authentication proxy for which I pay $23.48USD annually.

  • tekkb -

    I wish you would pick a name and stick with it. The guy that does the plex repo for debian is constantly changing his user id and it drives me nuts. A number is not easy to remember.

  • seanbw -

    Is there any possibility of showing how to install usbmount? I am not sure how to go about it. Thanks